Introducing HSL Editor in Pikka 1.9.2


Pikka 1.9.2 brings minor bug fixes and two new features.

1. Edit Colors using HSL

Do you know that you can switch color mode from RGB to HSB? And Pikka is introducing a new family into the color mode which is HSL! I used HSB a lot for my UI design to easily get the different shade of one color. It’s useful for getting different shades for the button states like normal, hover and pressed.

Where HSL is handy?

HSL is great for describing gradients! e.g. A gradient where instead of going from light to dark it goes from one colour to another by increasing the Hue by 30 degrees.

2. Don’t loose original color palette when selecting a shade

Now by selecting some color from gradient strip in “color editor”, Pikka will open a new editor window for selected shade, so the old palette is still available.